"The Boards of St. Catherine" - Short Story

            What set room 205 apart from all of the other classrooms at St. John of the Cross University were the eight 4 x 6 green-slate, oaked framed chalkboards. There were three boards on the north wall, guarding the front of the classroom, which were complemented by three more boards on the south wall. The east wall hosted the remaining two, leaving just enough room for the door and a... Read More →

"Genista" - Novel Submission

Marissa Traviss, age 33, walked back to her table, which was near the wall opposite from the direction of the kitchen. She was accompanied by her husband Brandon, age 32, and their daughter Jasmine, age 2.             “Looks yummy!” Brandon said. “Right, Jasmine?”             “Yeah!” Brianna said.             “What do you think?” Marissa asked. “Do you think that this could be our new regular parish?”             They had lived in Miami for five years,... Read More →

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