"Leading Her Home" - Short Story Submission

Warning: The following story, although it involves love, will not contain princesses, frogs, castles, or wands. It does not begin with “once upon a time” or end with “and they lived happily ever after”. A fairytale is a story that sheds light on an ordinary life that is turned extraordinary through magical happenings. But when one thinks about it, doesn’t magic happen every day? Sometimes it is easier to paint... Read More →

"A Shadow of Stillwater" - Young Adult Novel Submission

It was still dark when he opened his eyes and for a minute he could make out nothing but the night before him. The smell of fresh nature entered his senses at the same moment his gripping hands took hold of the grass below his still body. He awoke to find himself asleep underneath a tree he had never seen before, in the middle of an open plain and it... Read More →

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