"Saints and Bones" - Young Adult Novel Submission

           Time doesn't matter here. It doesn't count the same way. That's partly why we need an explainer in the watching room. The next time we were called, the explainer said it was about nine months later their time and that we were going to watch some people we'd never seen before. The first one we saw was Rodney.             "Sort of an only child," said the explainer. "He has an... Read More →

"Living Cana" - Short Story Submission

He sighs and breaths—he breathes again; a phenomenon that his beloved will do no more. His eyes—which once twinkled, like the lights that kiss the earth each day—grow dim and weary.      Refusing to let even one more tear fall upon his gaunt cheeks, the frail man simply breathes—calmly and serenely. He will not be sad, for to feel any pain would be selfish; he may have lost a wife, but... Read More →

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