"Eighth of May" - Short Story Submission

I turned my head to see Gladys, the school secretary, enter the band room. Apprehension wilted her usually cheerful face. She held out a purple Post-it Note stuck to her finger. “From your wife,” she said bit-lipped as my final-hour students silenced their eighth-note warmups and power chords. I took the stickie. I knew why Maggie would call.  Bruce Adler needed to enter the hospice.  Of course it was about... Read More →

Benefaction - Short Story Submission

It was midnight mass, Christmas Eve, Sunday, December 24th, 1978. Saint Benedict’s Parish, Chicago, Illinois.                 After a short introduction and a reading of the cardinal’s Christmas message, the pastor noted that this Christmas he was pleased to have as a guest speaker, Father Otto Von Oehschlager, a noted scholar and lecturer, who had just completed a series of lectures at DePaul University.    An elderly, kyphotic  priest tottered across the sanctuary and, assisted... Read More →

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