Something in the Water - Novel Submission

No one besides himself, knew the kind of father he’d been to Cecilia. Oh, he hadn’t beaten her, nothing like that. He’d put on a nice fatherly front in public, so no one would know, but in his mind, he diminished her to a second-rate brand of farm machinery, some blue-light special that failed him in the fields, and that he had paid too much for. From the moment he first... Read More →

"The Black Pool" - Short Story Submission

Detroit in 1927 seems like a foreign country now, with tree-lined streets even in poor neighborhoods, and streetcars to take you downtown if you had a nickel for the fare. Back then children ran free as long as they didn’t get in the way of adult business; perhaps because there were so many of us, grownups sometimes seemed to think we were replaceable. When I look back to that time,... Read More →

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