A Time of Sudden Death - Novel Submission

There is a light on in the basement and I must get up to turn it off.  I don’t know how I know this at three a.m., but I do. It is like the light is a person or entity, calling me. I cannot let this deed go undone, and I get out of my comfy bed in the October morn and creep downstairs in my underwear, past the large... Read More →

Tuscany Prize - Decisions

To all Writers, The Tuscany Prize Committee is working hard to complete the review of all the manuscripts.  We have been having discussions and exchanges about lots of manuscripts.  We are excited about the quality of the stories.  We want to thank you all for all your effort, hard work and creativity. Starting today, we will begin notifying individuals if they made it to the final round.  Please do not be discouraged... Read More →

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