"The House in Door" - Short Story Submission

                 The Door County house had endured Lake Michigan’s blasts of icy air and freezing splashes for twenty-five years, then creaked to life in spring when occupants arrived to plant cucumbers and tomatoes, populate the chicken coop with hatchlings, sweep leaves off the wide wooden porch and throw the windows open. Terns hovered high above the house, riding the updraft on their broad wings, red beaks standing out against the... Read More →

Ink Spot - March 5

The Habit of PerfectionThe Worth and the Witness of Women BloggersAuthor Spotlight – Jeanne GassmanThe Pope Who Became a Pilgrim: Benedict’s Resignation Remembered   Subscribe to the weekly e-newsletter Catholic, Ink. - click here - receive book reviews and the column "The Catholic Imagination and You" Be part of the Catholic Literary Revival. ... Read More →

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